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Pump Motor Repair

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The types of pump maintenance

If you own a pump at your factory, you know that maintenance and repairs will be an important part of ensuring that it stays optimal. However, not all forms of maintenance are the same. Here are the distinctions:

Proactive Prevention Maintenance:

Proactive prevention maintenance is the maintenance that both inspects the components of the pump system and uses any available advanced installation and fixing techniques to ensure that no problems occur in the future.

A lot of companies that run pump maintenance will always require that you get this done. This way, you can ensure that the pump works optimally and for as long as possible. However, the demerit of the technique is that it could be rather time-consuming.

Of course, there’s also the fact that you will need to get a professional to run proactive maintenance

Condition-Based/Predictive Maintenance

Condition-based maintenance is the form of maintenance that you run when a component of the pump breaks down due to a condition that can’t be prevented. It could be old age or some other condition, and it will require that you get that component repaired or replaced.

Usually, you’ll find that this works most on the part of the pump that vibrates continuously.

Time-Based/Preventive Maintenance:

This is the form of maintenance that you usually conduct on a periodic basis. Essentially, you check out the components of the pump from time to time to ensure that they’re still able to continue working going forward.

Time-based maintenance is best done in constant schedules. So, if you’ll be inspecting a component every month, keep to that time. This way, you can optimize the operation of a component for the longest time.

A lot of the time, the pump components that don’t have to work on a continuous basis are the ones you will need to run time-based maintenance on.

Breakdown/Run-to-Failure Maintenance:

Whenever you think of pump maintenance, there’s a significant chance that this is what comes to your mind. A lot of homeowners tent to forget maintenance on their pump systems, and it costs them dearly at the end of the day.

Take a pump motor repair for instance. A lot of the time, we only go to repair our pump motors when we know that it’s been fixed. This is a form of breakdown maintenance. While most maintenance services will require that you get repairs done before any damage is recorded, there are times when you can’t say when this happens. Thankfully, there is breakdown maintenance to help out. Still, it’s always recommended that you don’t wait until the pump is broken before you begin with maintenance. At the end of the day, waiting to fix a pump that has broken could be detrimental and even cost you a significant amount of money in the long run.

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