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Water Booster Pump Service in NYC

Booster pump service NYC Pump

Are you looking for Water Booster Pump service in NYC? NYC Pump & Motor has been providing Water Booster Pump service in NYC since 1941 with prompt service and great customer care.

NYC Pump & Motor Repair is a New York-based pump service company that has provided affordable pump service since 1941. We offer professional and timely installation, maintenance and repairs of pumps for both residential and commercial clients. One of our services includes the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of booster pumps.

Understanding A Booster Pump

Booster pumps are just one of the many different types of pumps we work with at NY Pump & Motor Repair. They are generally used to increase the pressure on a fluid. This increase in pressure is usually needed so that the fluid can be transported across longer distances.

Booster pumps can be used to transport either liquids or gases. The nature of fluid a booster pump is designed to carry will determine the configuration of the pump. A famous example of liquid booster pumps is the water pressure booster pump. Water pressure booster pumps are a common sight in municipalities due to their use in getting water to upper levels in high-rise buildings.

Most booster Pumps are centrifugal pumps. In a centrifugal pump, the essential component is an impeller. The impeller draws fluid into the intake of the pump and adds pressure to the liquid as it passes through it.

A pump can contain more than one impeller unless the pressure to be added is not significant; pumps often have more than one impeller. Pumps containing just one impeller are called single-stage pumps while those with multiple impellers are called multistage pumps.

Where you may need a Booster Pump

Booster pumps have both industrial and commercial uses. Some of the more common applications of booster pumps are:
  • Getting water to houses that are far from the municipal water supply

  • Irrigation systems for large fields

  • Transporting water uphill

  • Pumping water in high-rise buildings

  • Boiler feed

  • High-pressure cleaning and spraying systems

  • Filtration and reverse osmosis systems

  • HVAC

Our Booster Pump Services

At NY Pump & Motor Repair, we offer a wide variety of booster pump services which include:
  • Centrifugal Pump Service

  • Close Coupled Pump Service

  • Flex Coupled Pump Service

  • Split Case Pump Service

  • Assembled System Service

  • Water Booster Pump Control Service

  • Water Booster Pump Motor Service

  • Water Booster Pump Tank Service

  • Simplex Water Booster System Service

  • Duplex Water Booster System Service

  • Triplex Water Booster System Service

We cover the whole spectrum of booster pump services, including installations, rebuilding and maintenance. Our team of professionals are well experienced in handling all problems with booster pumps. We guarantee a quick turnaround time and a well-done job by the time we are done. Booster Pump Maintenance

We believe proper maintenance is the key to having long-lasting booster pumps which are a bang for your buck. That is why we have designed several pump maintenance plans and programs for commercial and industrial clients. With our onsite pump service centre, we can fabricate materials for repairing and rebuilding broken pumps, thus reducing work time significantly. We also offer 24/7 emergency booster pump services to ensure that you’re never stuck.
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NY Pump & Motor repair - your trusted source for Water Booster Pump service in NYC

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Pump Repair in NYC

Pump Repair in NYC 

Are you looking for Pump Repair in NYC? NY Pump & Motor Repair has been providing Pump Repair in NYC area since 1941. We pride ourselves with prompt & professional Pump Repair service with many years of experience and great customer care.

Like every other machine, pumps need to be repaired from time to time. With pumps, you do not have to wait for a total breakdown to order a repair. Even drops in pump efficiency should make you consider a repair. When pumps are at full capability, they use less power and by extension cost less to run.

Pump repair is merely maintaining the pump so that it keeps running smoothly. If you repair and maintain your pumps regularly, you can keep them running for longer. Pump problems originate from either hydraulic or mechanical factors. If these problems are not taken care of early enough, they can result in a complete breakdown of the pump, which might lead to replacement.

The most obvious sign of an inefficient pump is a loss of liquid. If you notice that your fluid pumps at less pressure than before or taking more time to fill up a container, then you need a repair. Some of the common causes of pump inefficiency include:
  • Heat: this frequently happens when a cold pump is used in how service and can cause severe damage to the pump

  • Contamination: Pumps are usually designed to transport specific liquids. However, if those liquids contain massive sizes/amounts of solid contaminants, they can cause a lot of problems for the pump even to the point of ultimately damaging it.

  • Cavitation: this occurs when the liquid pressure falls below its vapor pressure. The bubbles that form implode and damage the internal parts of the pump. If left unchecked, it can lead to pump failure.

  • Bearings and Couplings:

  • Vibrations: excessive and continuous vibrations can lead to the loosening of several components of the pump, which can eventually cause damage to the pumps bearings.

  • Motor Overload: Overloading a pump’s motor can lead to quick wear and tear of the pump’s internals.

  • Continuous Running of a pump can also lead to reduced efficiency and capacity.

  • Improper installation, especially with bearings and couplings, can cause shaft misalignment and excessive vibration, which will lead to pump damage and possible pump failure.

NY Pump & Motor Pump Repairs:

NY Pump And Motor Repair is a New York-based pump service organization that services the tri-state area. Having been in active service since 1941, we have invaluable experience in customer service and pump servicing. Our offering extends beyond repairing pumps to installing, rebuilding, and maintenance.

We have a 24/7 emergency policy to ensure you’re never stranded. Our team of certified professionals are always ready to help. We understand that pump issues can be niggling and require speed and precision to fix. Our duty is to ensure that you have minimal downtime while ensuring that we do a quality job.

We have an onsite pump service center that allows us to fabricate materials, thereby reducing the job turnaround time. Once we have inspected the pump and identified the problem, we set out to fix it!

Also if you’re looking for a maintenance program to help you prevent efficiencies before they get out of hand, we have you covered. We have several pump maintenance plans and programs you can choose from.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Dunham-bush pumps

Are you looking for Dunham-Bush Pump service in NYC? NY Pump & Motor Repair has been providing Dunham-Bush Pump services in NYC Metropolitan area since 1941.

The Dunham Bush pumps are properly built and widely used stem condensate pumps. The name 'Dunham-Bush' is the name of the pump producer, although recently they are being called 'Mepco pumps'. We specialize in installing, repairing, rebuilding and maintaining Dunham bush pumps installed in any building.

These pumps have different types such as:
  • Centrifugal pumps

    The centrifugal end-suction pumps are considered capable of several applications i.e. they can be used for any general-purpose liquid or water. They come in three styles: In-line, closed couple, or base mounted.
  • Boiler Feed Pumps

    The Dunham bush boiler feed pumps exist in two forms; Either as a Simplex Pump (one) or as a Duplex Pump (two). The water level control unit of the boiler sends information and directs the feed pump and tank combinations.
  • Condensate pump

    If you are a company that needs to do a lot of steam heating condensate discharging, then you need to install a Dunham Bush Condensate Pump. They come in either Simple or duplex styles. They are installed with either standard steel tanks or cast-iron tanks in different size ranges.

How to maintain Dunham bush pumps

As a building manager or owner, you want to maintain the building's facilities to save you the cost of expensive repairs. You can subscribe to our maintenance services within a reasonable budget. What we do during routine maintenance is Inspecting the seal, lubricating the bearings and some other technical activities.
The intervals between inspection of pumps are determined by the kind of pumped fluid i.e. abrasive or corrosive and the environment the pump is placed. If Inspections are annual, we check the pumps' pressure, power, and capacity. If there is a hint of a problem the pump is taken apart and inspected properly.
During a three-month inspection, the following must be done:
  • Oil change
  • Examine shaft alignment and realign if necessary
  • Inspect the foundation and tighten hold-down bolts if required.
During a routine inspection, the following must be done.
  • Analysis of Pump Vibration
  • Temperature check and evaluation
  • Check the discharge pressure
  • Examine the oil level and condition
  • Check for leaks in the:
    • Seal chamber and stuffing box (replace or adjust where necessary)
    • Pump and piping
NY Pump and Motor repair also supply parts of Dunham bush pumps you may need when repairing damage such as Water seal kits, pump and motor assemblies, gaskets, pump impellers, replacements motors, and many others. These parts are also used for rebuilding pumps.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Sewage Pump Repair in NYC

Are you looking for Sewage Pump service in NYC
NY Pump & Motor has been Providing Sewage Pump service in NYC since 1941 with prompt service and great customer care.

Sewage Pump Repair

Sewage pumps are an essential part of every building and having to repair when necessary is not a bad thing. Sometimes as buildings get older some parts begin to weaken and need regular maintenance, repair or replacement.
 A sewage pump is a pump that handles liquid or solid waste that is flushed down a drainage system. A sewage pump is installed when the sewage system is put in a position where the rules of gravity don't apply to waste movement. This means that the sewage system is located for example, in the basement of a building which is below the sewage lines and so a sewage pump is necessary for waste movement. 

At NY Pump and Motor repair, we make sure that any trouble with your sewage pump is handled expertly and properly. We offer professional repair services for any form of damage to your sewage pumps.

Signs your sewage pump needs fixing

There are different ways to know if your sewage pump needs repair. Once you pay attention to these details it is rare to have an emergency on your hands
1.       Pump is making funny noises

Well, this is the most obvious signs that something is wrong for any form of machinery. The moment you notice that your pump is making odd sounds like banging or clanging then you have to call for the Calvary.  Under no condition should you ignore or accommodate unfamiliar sounds because it is usually an indicator bigger problems may arise.

2.       The pump is cycling consciously

If you notice that your sewage is cycling non-stop, then it means there is a problem. Normally, pumps cycle on and off and a lot of pumps work in such a manner. But when you notice a pump that won't stop when it is supposed to and continues cycling, something needs to be repaired or else it can cause damage to the pump as a whole. The best way to solve this problem is to have professionals at NY Pump and Motor have a look at the machine
3.       The Pump is struggling to start or not starting
If your pump refuses to come on or gives a lot of trouble before starting, this is a clear indicator that the pump is bad and needs repair. This could be due to issues like a blown fuse, worn-out wires or the pump is simply too old.

4.       The Pump is producing dirty water

One of the functions of a sewage pump is to regular filter clean water into where you need it. The moment the pump begins to produce murky and dirty water, there is a problem with that pump. The easiest way to diagnose such a problem is to let professionals at NY Pump and motors run a diagnosis on the pump.
Our sewage pump repair service is 24/7, so anytime and any day, we are here to fix your sewage problem. After repairing the pump, you will need to have a constant maintenance strategy for it so that the problem does not reoccur. You can also subscribe to our maintenance plans.

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