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Booster Pump Service in NYC

Are you looking for Water Booster Pump service in NYC? NY Pump & Motor has been providing Water Booster Pump service in NYC since 1941 with prompt service and great customer care.

Booster Pump Systems Service

In a home, water is evenly distributed using a pump system. This system takes water to the faucets, toilets, showers and other plumbing fixtures. But this is only possible if there is a sufficient amount of pressure and free flow.

The building characteristics determine the type of booster pump to be installed in any building. Different fixture outlets have minimum pressure and flow rate values; this is why most tall buildings need such a system.

Why you need booster systems service.

Low water pressure is the primary reason for installing a booster pump system. This means that the water supply pressure is not enough for the flow values of plumbing fixtures. When this happens, you have the option to either install:

  • 1. A booster pump system
  • 2. An elevated water tank or
  • 3. A hydro-pneumatic pump pressure booster.

  • How booster pump systems work.

    The system aims to fine-tune the flow rate in water fixtures. You can either install a Manual system or an automatic one. The manual method is activated, flipping a switch manually while the Automatic versions are self-activated on demand (i.e., when the water pressure falls under a specific limit).

    Before installing the system, you need to get professionals to examine your whole plumbing system. Our team at NY Pump and Motors will do a thorough check to make sure the Low water pressure problem doesn't have other causes like clogged pipes or undersized pipes.

    When installing this engine, you also need to deploy a speed control system because you are using an electric motor, and you need to save energy. A variable Frequency Drive will serve best for a gigantic building with a lot of outlets. The speed control system helps to maximize energy efficiency through speedy response to the building’s water supply conditions.

    Every booster pump system is expected to have a low-pressure cut off switch. The switch prevents the occurrence of a vacuum if the pressure on the suction hits 10psi or less. If this switch is not installed, cavitation can occur. Cavitation is when bubbles form and collapse in flowing water, which in turn caused shock waves that can damage the impeller. This shock wave can also cause mechanical vibrations, which can affect the pump's motor.

    If you have multiple buildings, you can use on booster system for all the premises when they are around each other. However, you should know that the NYC plumbing code prohibits people from supplying pressurized water to neighboring buildings they don't own.

    If you own a very tall building, then chances are you already have a booster pump system installed. And if you don't, then you need to install one or else your water system won't run properly. At the NY pump and motor, our technicians are experienced with handling any booster pump system service.

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    Friday, March 13, 2020

    Pump Motor Rebuild in NYC

    Are you looking for Pump Motor Rebuild in NYC? NY Pump & Motor Repair has been providing Pump Motor Rebuild in NYC area since 1941. We pride ourselves with prompt & professional Pump Motor Rebuild services with many years of experience and great customer care.

    Pump Motor rebuild

    A pump motor rebuild is a less expensive technique for fixing pump problems. When the pump motor fails, the first question the owner asks is, "do I repair or replace the motor"? Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

    However, you should know that when a pump fails, the first thing to do is check if the warranty is still active. You can use this to your advantage by contacting the manufacturer. This is because pumps usually have a one-year guarantee. So if it gets damaged before that time, then the fault is most likely from the manufacturer.

    What you need to know about the Pump motor rebuild.

    Rebuilding a motor involves taking apart the machine repairing the broken parts and then putting it back together. Our technicians dismantle the device and take out bits that faulty, fix the defective part, and then place it back in the motor.

    Sometimes when rebuilding, you have to take a piece that has reached the end of its life and replace it with a new one in the motor. The motor is then placed back in the pump system, serving its purpose.

    Reasons you need a pump motor rebuild

    At NY Pump and Motors, we have expertly trained staff who can handle any form of repair and rebuilding. However, before requesting our services, you must know why you need your pump motor rebuilt.

  • 1. To save cost

  • One of the critical reasons for rebuilding instead of replacing the motor is to cut costs. Replacements can be an expensive venture if you are looking to save some money. When restoring, all you have to do is pay the technician a service fee. Sometimes you may have to pay a minimal fee for worn-out parts that need replacements

  • 2. To manage resources

  • When a motor fails, all parts are inspected. The technician then tries to fix the damaged part instead of outright condemning it to the junkyard. These parts can still be salvaged; therefore, you are conserving and managing resources better.

  • 3. To avoid multiple repairs

  • Often time, people resort to a simple fix when the motor is faulty. However, this method may not be effective because a repaired part doesn’t last long, and then you are back at the shop again. Rebuilding saves you the time spent going back and forth between repair shops.

    Proper Maintenance is the best preventive measure. Having a maintenance strategy will help you avoid unnecessary repairs and spending. Sometimes these repairs are unavoidable due to prolonged use of the systems.

    Hiring a company like Pump motors and repairs to help you with your pump maintenance is one of the wisest decisions to make. But if you still need a pump motor repair regardless, then don’t hesitate to contact us!
    For more information about Pump Motor Rebuild in NYC call NY Pump & Motor at: (718) 768-8700
    NY Pump & Motor - your trusted source for Pump Motor Rebuild in NYC

    Friday, March 6, 2020

    Pump Repair in NYC

    Are you looking for Pump Repair in NYC? NY Pump & Motor Repair has been providing Pump Repair in NYC area since 1941. We pride ourselves with prompt & professional Pump Repair service with many years of experience and great customer care.

    Pump Repair NYC

    Every house has a pump. Though the types of pump may vary, you will need pump repair from time to time. A pump is a device that helps to move liquids, gases, and sometimes solid from one point to another using suction or pressure.

    There are different types of pumps, namely: axial-flow pumps, centrifugal pumps, and Positive displacement pumps. Of the threes, the most commonly used are Positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps.

    These pumps are used as Sump Pumps, Water booster Pumps, Sewage pumps, Fire pumps, Air compressor Pumps, etc. However, no matter the pump type, there are specific symptoms the pumps exhibit that signifies that there may be a problem.

    How do you know you need pump repair?

    Here are some signs that your pump is defective and needs repairs. When you notice any of these signs, that would be the best time to call in the Calvary at NY Pump & Motor repairs.

    When the pump refuses to start

    This is the most obvious signal that something is wrong with your pump, and it needs repairs. It is like your pump suddenly goes into a coma and needs a doctor. A pump's refusal to start doesn't mean the pump is completely dead because the machine can still be salvaged

    If you try putting on the machine and you hear strange noises, don't try to force it to start as it may be causing more damage. Call a service company like the NY pump and Motor to help with the repairs. Sometimes the problem may be a little blockage in the system.

    A reduction in Flow

    One of the most common signs that repairs are needed is when liquid flow reduced. This is an indicator that there is a problem with the pressure system that affects the output. A partial clog in the system sometimes causes flow reduction.

    Other times, this may be an indicator that the impeller has been damaged or the classic tale of wear and tear of different parts. Over the years, as the pumps are used, it begins loosens and widens. This also affects pressure and flow.

    Leaking parts

    A leaking part typically indicates that a piece is broken or loose. Though the problem may not be as severe, leaks should be taken with the utmost concern. A leak problem may be solved by simply tightening a part.

    However, other times, the problem may be a broken part that needs to be changed. You cannot thoroughly assess the cause of the problem until you call in the experts. Our teams at NY Pump and motors will perform a complete diagnostic to pinpoint the source of the problem. After this, we can do repairs if requested.

    Pumps are an essential part of a housing system, and you can't be slacking when it comes to repairs. If you need pump repair NYC, contact us immediately as we are available 24/7. No matter the kind of pump, we have expertly trained and experienced technicians to help you in record time.

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    NY Pump & Motor - your trusted Pump Repair in NYCGet a FREE Pump Repair estimate in NYC

    Friday, February 21, 2020

    VFD Booster Systems Service in NYC

    Are you looking for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) service in NYC? NY Pump & Motor has been providing Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) service in NYC since 1941 with prompt service and great customer care.

    A building has more value when it more conducive for living. When you install pumps in commercial buildings like apartment complexes, hotels, corporate buildings, etc., you most times need booster systems to help maintain and increase the pressure of motor in your HVAC equipment and pumps.

    VFD is an abbreviation for Variable Frequency Drives. It is usually installed in motors to control and regulate the speed of the engine while running. Every building demands a certain level of power for the mechanical systems to run effectively. This is also known as the load of the system. The VFD helps to regulate the speed of the system with the load without using more energy than required.

    Advantages of VFD Booster systems

    If you are thinking of installing a new pump system or upgrading your present system, then you should know the benefits you would enjoy. These benefits may be short-lived if the installation is not done correctly. This is why NY pumps make it a duty to deliver the best. Here are some benefits of having a VFD Booster Systems Service.

    Energy saving

    Most people strive to make sure that their housing system is comfortable, cost-effective, yet environmentally friendly, and it isn't very easy to achieve it all. However, VFD, in some ways, helps to meet these standards.

    VFD creates a variation in motor speed, which in turn saves energy. With VFDs embedded, for every 25% reduction in motor speed, there is a 60% reduction in power used. This factor creates a ripple effect on other aspects of the motor system.

    Reduced demand charges

    When using a VFD system, the amount of energy required is lower even during the peak period, which in turn lowers your demand charge. This means that there will be a significant reduction in your electricity bill.

    Durability of equipment

    Using VFD helps the system to last longer because the wear and tear of the motor are drastically reduced. When using VFD, the engine has a soft start, which helps to gradually build up energy as opposed to ramping up all at once.

    Reduced repair costs

    With a system that lasts longer, you are assured of spending less money on the repair. All you need is constant and effective maintenance. The reduction in wear and tear of the motors and the control of speed helps to prevent frequent repairs and replacements.

    Diagnostic advantage:

    This system allows you to connect to other facility management systems and gather information about them. This means that you collect data more comprehensively about other facility management systems in the building.

    At NY Pump, we specialize in handling everything that has to do with your pump systems. Recently, pump systems created are embedded with in-built VFD. However, for old systems, we help with the installation of VFD Booster Systems Service using a retrofit. Our team comprises of professionals who will help you find the perfect match for your drive and motor. Contact us today to support and fix your pump motor needs.

    Friday, February 14, 2020

    Pump Repair Service in NY

    Pump Repair Are you looking for Pump Repair in NYC? NY Pump & Motor Repair has been providing Pump Repair in NYC area since 1941. We pride ourselves with prompt & professional Pump Repair service with many years of experience and great customer care.

    Pumps are an essential part of housing, and like every machine, from time to time, it requires repairs. However, different pumps require different techniques for repairs because they fundamentally have different parts.

    Types of pumps

    There are different categories of pumps, and all will require maintenance and repairs. Here are a few of them:

    Water booster pump

    A booster pump is used to intensify the pressure of fluid movement in a system. For water to move around buildings, especially really tall ones, booster pumps are needed to aid the water pressure. If you have ever been in a house where the water suddenly stops running, there is a very high possibility that the water booster pump is faulty and needs repairs; time to call for the cavalry!

    Fire Pump

    In modern housing, Fire pumps are non-negotiable. It serves as a part of a fire sprinkler system that is connected to a water source. Most times, it is activated when the system detects a possible fire outbreak.

    When the fire sprinkler system in a building is exposed to heat that is above the design temperature, the system pressure drops which in turn activates the fire pump which opens and releases water to stop the source of the heat

    Fire pumps are usually installed in high rise buildings, apartment complexes, etc. Due to its complexity, repairs are best handled by experts like NY pumps and motors to get excellent results.

    Sump pump

    Not all buildings have sump pumps. However, it is installed in the basement of a house to prevent water from accumulating. A sump pump is essential because it helps to solve flooding problems. Its primary role is to take the water away from the house to a place where it can cause no damage e.g., storm drains or dry wells.

    Installing sump pumps is a method of basement waterproofing, mainly when water flows in through the perimeter drains or the foundation is below the water table level. It requires regular maintenance because it has a propensity to get clogged easily. A sloppy maintenance strategy will lead to constant repairs

    Sewage pumps

    In simple terms, a sewage pump is a mechanism for transferring sewage solid or liquids from one spot to another. Usually, the pump is installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin; this is why it is submerged. Being a centrifugal pump, the design allows both solid and liquid to pass through it without clogging the pump.

    Although there are different kinds of sewage pump, it is best always to install the automatic one to avoid sewage overflow. There are other types of sewage pumps like Effluent, Solid handling, and Grinder pumps. No matter the class, the main aim is to eliminate sewage build-up in a building.

    Almost every building has all the types of pumps listed above, and this is why at NY Pump and motor, we specialize in taking care of all your pump repair needs. We have well trained and experienced technicians who can help identify, analyze, and solve any pump problems you may be facing. We make sure service delivery is excellent and prompt. Contact us today for your pump Service needs.

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    NY Pump & Motor - your trusted Pump Repair in NYC

    Friday, February 7, 2020

    Sump Pump Repair in NYC

    Are you looking for Sump Pump service in NYC? NY Pump & Motor has been providing Sump Pump service in NYC since 1941 with prompt service and great customer care.

    No one wants to wake up to the terrible sight of the ankle-deep flooded basement; this is why you need to make sure that your sump pump is working correctly. If you have a faulty sump pump, you are not only at risk of having a flooded basement, but you are also at risk of losing valuables and spending money on damages.

    New York Pump and Motor Technicians are available 24/7 to help you prevent and solve any Sump Pump problems by performing routine checks, emergency repairs, and replacement services. Using our services, we make sure that your sump pump is in good working condition.

    What is a sump pump?

    A sump pump is a pump used in the basement to keep it from flooding when the snow melts or the rain starts. The float of the sump pump rises as the water in the sump pit increases, which then triggers the pump to begin pulling water from the pit. The water pulled out is emptied into a storm drain, well or nearby area.

    A sump pump is used in any building, even commercial ones. Apartment buildings, hotels, and commercial buildings usually have elevator pumps to keep water from flooding the elevator shafts. Though these pumps are used for industrial purposes, they operate the same way as conventional sump pumps.

    Types of sump pumps

    Sump pumps are mainly of two types:

  • Pedestal Sump Pumps: This type is placed above the sump put which give easy access for periodic servicing and testing

  • Submersible Sump Pumps: This type usually sits on the sump pits or well.

  • Signs you need sump pump repair services

  • 1. When your pump is running without water in the sump pit: When this occurs, it shows that there is a problem with the float or the pump was not installed correctly.
  • 2. When the pump or switch is clogged: Without proper checks and maintenance, debris can block the sump pit. Other causes may include a jammed float switch or dirty mechanical parts.
  • 3. When the sump pump is making unusual noises: Rattling, grinding, or gurgling sounds are an indicator of a problem with the motor. Sometimes the problem may also be the valves or discharge pipe.
  • 4. When the sump pump is running continuously
  • 5. When the sump pump is not working at all: Most times, the root cause of this problem is an electrical fault.
  • 6. Aging Pump: A clear indicator of this would be a musty or moldy smell coming from the sump pump

  • Our sump pump repair services

  • Fixing the circuit breaker and other electrical faults
  • Cleaning the screen and Impeller
  • Fixing of replacing the check valves
  • Repairing or replacing the float
  • Cleaning the sump pit.

  • Our team of well-trained professionals thrives on making sure you are satisfied; this is why we make sure to fix any problems promptly before it causes any more damages. At New York Pump and Motor, we also offer regular service and maintenance to prevent any sudden repairs and to prevent casualties. Contact us today and trust our team to handle all your sump pump problems.

    For more information about Sump Pump service in NYC
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    NY Pump & Motor repair - your trusted source for Sump Pump service in NYC

    Friday, January 31, 2020

    Pump Repair in NYC

    Are you looking for Pump Repair in NYC? NY Pump & Motor Repair has been providing Pump Repair in NYC area since 1941. We pride ourselves with prompt & professional Pump Repair service with many years of experience and great customer care.

    When it comes to water supply in your residential or commercial property, a pump is one of the most important components. A pump is a machine that moves a liquid from one location to another, usually against the force of gravity. A pump takes in mechanical power and produces fluid power. Pumps are machines that are inseparable from our day-to-day life. They find application in our homes, offices, factories and so many other locations. Without pumps, for instance, irrigation is impossible. Pumps like any other machine, can get damaged or have problems which would require repair.

    One of the most obvious signals that you need to repair your pump is when the pressure of the liquid being released reduces. For instance, If you use a water pump in your home and you notice that the pressure of the water throughout your home reduces significantly, then there is a high chance that your pump needs repair.

    Another sign that your pump needs repair, perhaps even urgently, is the appearance of dirty water from the taps or faucets. Your water should never look dirty, as it can be detrimental to your health to make use of it. For pumps that are used in other applications apart from the home, care should be taken to routinely examine the quality and type of liquid delivered. In doing this it can easily be discovered if there's an issue with the pump or piping system.

    If you notice that there's a lot of air bubbles or “spitting” coming from your taps, it could be an indicator that your pump is in need of urgent repair. This is because of the way the pumping system is designed to operate, it should be held tight and full of only the pumped liquid. Finally, a higher-than-normal electric bill could be an indicator that your pump is malfunctioning. What happens is that your pump might be overworking to maintain the liquid’s pressure.

    If you notice any of these things happening, then you should get your pump checked out. it is absolutely important that your pump undergoes maintenance from qualified personnel. In fact, it is necessary to have a regular maintenance schedule for your pump. This type of preventive maintenance, when performed routinely will save cost and extend the life of your pump. This will ensure that you enjoy optimum utility from your pump.

    If you reside in NYC and need your pump inspected and repaired, NY Pump and Motor Repair provide pump repair services. Their services are prompt and professional, handled by certified pump repair professionals. Their services ensure that you experience minimum downtime as well as a properly functioning pump by the time they are done with the repair. What's more, they also provide 24/7 pump service as well as an emergency pump service. This means that no matter what time of the day or week that your pump breaks down, you are guaranteed a prompt and professional response that ensures that your pump is back to optimum operating efficiency in no time.

    For more information about Pump Repair in NYC call NY Pump & Motor at: (718) 768-8700
    NY Pump & Motor - your trusted Pump Repair in NYC