Thursday, October 13, 2016

Grundfos Water Booster Pumps in NYC: Low Water Pressure is a Thing of the Past

Are you tired of taking showers in your home with little to no water pressure? Do you have to work extra hard to wash dishes due to a trickling tap? This can become an issue of the past! The new Grundfos Scala2 water booster pump will vastly increase the water pressure throughout your house for a price that's within your budget.

Some homeowners assume that a low water pressure solution is lengthy and will break the bank. But the Grundfos Scala2 pump installation will only take a plumber a few minutes and you will be able to run multiple water outlets in your home without sacrificing water pressure. The installation of the Scala2 pump is at ground level, unlike other water booster pumps on the roof-top.

With the parts fully integrated and compact, the Scala2 is an all in one water boosting system. You also no longer have to deal with loud noises coming from your booster, considering this booster produces the sound level of a modern dishwasher.

The Grundfos Scala2 was created with the homeowner in mind. This self-regulating, easy to use system will take the worry about pump operation away. With a user-friendly control panel, controlling the water pressure throughout your home becomes as easy as setting the temperature on your AC!

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