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Chiller Pump Service

Are you looking for Chiller Pump service in NYC? NY Pump & Motor has been providing Chiller Pump service in NYC since 1941 with prompt service and great customer care.

Guide to Chiller Pump Service in NYC by NY Pump & Motor Repair 


Managing a commercial building, a hospital, or a real estate property requires a functional chiller pump system. When issues arise, NY Pump & Motor Repair, with roots dating back to 1941, is a go-to source for chiller pump service in NYC. 


Family-owned and operational for over 80 years, NY Pump & Motor Repair has become a trusted name for pump services in the NYC and tri-state area. This reputation is built on efficiency, professionalism, and a strong focus on customer care. 

Inspect, Discover, Fix 

The NY Pump & Motor process is straightforward: inspect the situation, discover the underlying issues, and fix them. Certified pump repair technicians provide prompt diagnostic services, aiming to ensure minimal downtime and a fully operational pump. 

Why Opt for Chiller Pump Service by NY Pump & Motor Repair? 

      24/7 Availability: Service is available around the clock, including emergency pump repair. 

  • Certified Technicians: Trained professionals can tackle any pump issue. 

  • Customer-Centric Approach: This focus has fostered a broad base of loyal clients over the years.

Advantages of Regular Chiller Pump Maintenance 

  • Extended Pump Life: Routine inspections contribute to the longevity of the chiller pump system. 

  • Cost-Efficiency: Proactive maintenance can prevent expensive system failures. 

  • Energy Efficiency: Well-maintained pumps operate more efficiently. 

Onsite Pump Service Center 

To ensure quick service, an onsite Pump Service Center is equipped to fabricate required materials for pump repair or rebuild. 

Diverse Sectors Served 

With a history of servicing a wide range of sectors including real estate management companies, hospitals, commercial bakeries, and governmental departments such as the NYC Housing Department and Parks Department, the company has garnered a wide range of experience. 

24/7 Emergency Service 

Emergencies are unpredictable. That's why NY Pump & Motor Repair offers 24-hour emergency service, ensuring prompt attention to urgent pump issues. 

Pump Maintenance Plans 

Various maintenance plans are available to meet the needs of different sectors and pump systems, offering peace of mind when it comes to unexpected pump failures. 

Free Pump Service Estimates Available

 For those who are unsure about costs, a call to (718) 768-8700 can provide a free pump repair estimate. Transparency in pricing ensures no unexpected surprises. 


In a bustling city, reliable chiller pump service is crucial. For more information about Chiller Pump service in NYC call NY Pump & Motor at: (718) 768-8700

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