Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Water Booster Pump Service NYC

 Are you looking for Water Booster Pump service in NYC? NY Pump & Motor has been providing Water Booster Pump service in NYC since 1941 with prompt service and great customer care.

Water booster pumps are useful for those who have a water supply with low pressure. The low pressure can be due to various reasons like gravity, low water pressure in the city, a long distance from the source, inappropriate size of water pipes, or plumbing issues. These booster pumps can help you adjust the flow and pressure to the desired level. 

Water boosters can often run into various issues after prolonged use. They also need regular maintenance and repairs to work perfectly. So, if you require a water booster pump service in NYC then NY Pump and Motor have got the right people and tools to help you fix your water booster pump. There are a variety of services available for the different types of water booster pumps. Some common ones are as follows:

·         Centrifugal pump service

·         Close coupled or flex coupled pump service

·         Split case or assembled system service

·         Pump control, tank, and motor services

·         Simplex, duplex, and triplex booster system services

Common issues of Water Booster Pumps that need servicing

Before you call in the service for repair, replacement, or maintenance of the water booster pump, it is important to know the common issues that you might face when using these pumps. Some of the common problems are listed below:

·         Leaking pump

Most plumbing items have the problem of leaking water after few years of use. Booster pumps are meant for improving the water pressure of a low water supply. If the pump starts to leak then it further reduces the water pressure, making it difficult to work. 

·         Loud noises when operating

The booster pump should not be making any unpleasant sounds or vibrations when in use. If you hear any loud grumbling noise on turning on the booster pump, it is a sign of some issue with the pump. You should get it serviced immediately or the damage might worsen.

·         Contamination 

It is a common problem in multiple households that results due to improper maintenance. Pumps should be cleaned periodically to ensure no dirt is collected inside the booster set. A contaminated booster pump will slowly damage the equipment leading to other problems with its operation. 

·         Inconsistent water pressure

Booster pumps are supposed to provide the desired water pressure. If the water pressure is low or inconsistent even after using a booster pump, the pump needs to be checked and repaired. 

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Friday, February 5, 2021

Emergency Pump Services in NYC

Are you looking for emergency pump service in NYC? NY Pump & Motor has been providing emergency pump service in NYC since 1941.

Emergency Pump Services in NYC

Pumps can run into various problems at any time. One might need to replace, repair or install pumps on short notice. For such situations, we need emergency pump services in NYC. NY Pump and Motor Repair are experienced in providing emergency services for pump repairs, maintenance, rebuilding, or installation. 

Emergency services are to ensure that your defective pump is fixed immediately and is in working condition as soon as possible. The services differ for pumps of different types. Each has a variety of problems that need some special attention. Let's have a look at a few problems with pumps that need emergency services:

Fire Pump issues

        Abnormal vibrations: the fire pump might start showing abnormal vibrations and produce sounds. It is not normal and needs immediate attention.

        Leaking mechanical seal: this is a serious issue that can happen due to loose fitted screws, inadequate pressures, or some foreign object stuck inside.

        Motor overheating: if the quality is poor, or the mechanical seal is too tight the motor heats up fast due to enhanced friction. 

Heater Pump issues

        Frozen in winters: the outer coating gets covered in sheets of ice that jams the coils. This acts as a major barrier between the outside air and the refrigerant.

        Pump running constantly: the thermostat might not be set correctly or improper maintenance might cause issues in the heater that leads the pump to run constantly. 

        Cold air blowing out: this can be annoying when it is already cold outside. The problem might lie with the valve, refrigerant, or compressors. 

Water Booster Pump issues

        Leaking water: the lack of timely servicing or damage to the pump might cause water to leak. The pump will not work efficiently if it is leaking. The emergency services can help you repair the leaky pump in no time.

        Inconsistent water pressure: the pressure inside the pump might not be enough for the pump to work. It might happen when you are using the pump and calls for emergency service. 

        Warm water through cold taps: this is not how the cold taps in a water booster pump should work. It indicates that something is wrong with the water booster that needs immediate attention.

Apart from regular maintenance and repair services, pumps might run into various other issues as mentioned. Whenever you face any of the issues mentioned, don’t hesitate to call for emergency service and get the equipment fixed.

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