Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pump Installation in NYC

Are you looking for Pump Installation in NYC? NY Pump & Motor Repair has been providing Pump Installation in NYC service since 1941. We pride ourselves with prompt & professional pump installation service with expert experience and great customer service.

Our pump and motor repair company opened for business back in 1941 providing pumps and motors repairs, installations and services in our shop located in Brooklyn, NY. Since then we have expanded and kept up with the developments and improvements that changed and modified within the pump industry.

As today’s industrial and manufacturing pumps have become increasingly more powerful and, in some cases, much smaller, the same purpose and use of these pumps have remained the same.  By understanding and selecting the proper pump for a specific application and usage has kept our company successfully by providing and installing pumps for all manufacturing purposes in New York. 

Our pump company has many years of experience in installing Water Booster Pumps, Sewage Pumps, HVAC Pumps, Tank Pump, Sump Pumps and even Air Compressor Pump for all industries and their applications. We understand that these pumps are not built to last forever and receive a lot of wear and tear from constant force of pumping the necessary fluids or air to keep machines and their constant flow running all day long. This is why we provide 24-hour pump service every day of the year when something does go wrong with your pumps.  Our expert pump professionals understand the importance of keeping your pumps pumping, not only for your business but for everyone you service.

With our headquarters located in Brooklyn, our Pump Installation experts will provide prompt pump Installation in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island as well as the rest of the tri-state area. NY Pump & Motor Repair is a leading pump Installation provider.

For more information about Pump Installation in NYC  or our other pump services, call NY Pump & Motor at: (718) 768-8700

NY Pump & Motor - Your trusted source for Pump Installation in NYC

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Pump Tank Installation in NYC

Are you looking for professional Pump Tank Installation in NYC?  Since 1941, our professional Pump Tank Installation technicians at NY Pump & Motor Repair have been providing pump tank services, repair and installations for industrial and manufacturing purposes. With our headquarters located in Brooklyn, our pump experts have installed heating pumps, water pressure boosters and sewage ejector pumps and other commercial pumps throughout the entire New York City area.

Since there are many different types and functions of pump tanks and each has a main purpose, having a well-trained and expert in this field will save business a lot of problems in the future. A qualified pump tank expert will provide the proper function and requirement according to the fluid pressure and cycles the pump distributes. Some pumps need more tank space to have a proper reserve of water to keep the cycle functioning different than other pumps. Since tanks stores a supplemental water supply between pump cycles this is to reduce the number of cycles throughout the day which helps prolong pump life and helps maintain the proper water pressure within your system. A properly sized pump and pump tank will work as a team to meet your needs and will deliver many years of dependable service.

NY Pump provides these types of installations:

Bladder Water Storage Installation Services: A bladder is a hallow object inside a tank that fills with water when there is pressure that is greater than that already in the bladder. A check valve stops the water from flowing backwards and reserves the water and pressure for use by the device it is feeding.

Return Condensate / Cast Iron Installation Services: Condensate pumps are designed to collect condensed liquid at remote locations in a steam system and return the liquid to the boiler room. These motor-driven pumps have centrifugal type pumps and include controls that de-energize the pump when water level in the receiver is low.

Return Condensate Stainless Steel Installation Services: When steam transfers to heat during the manufacturing process, a heat exchange, or heating coil, reverts this to a liquid phase called condensate.

Vacuum Return Tank Installation Services: The separate air pump uses a temperature limit switch in the return line or the condensate tank to cut out the vacuum pumps when poor trap maintenance causes excessive condensate return temperatures.

FDA Approved Metal Storage Tank Installation Services: These tanks are available in many sizes and functions for all industrial and commercial water storage purposes. We are a FDA approved metal tank installation company serving all of New York City.

With our headquarters located in Brooklyn, our Pump Tank Installation experts can provide prompt Pump Tank Installation in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island as well as the rest of the tri-state area.

For more information on Pump Tank Installation in NYC, call NY Pump and Motor at (718) 768-8700.

NY Pump and Motor - Your trusted source for Pump Tank Installation in NYC