Friday, November 27, 2015

Vacuum Controls Replacement in Brooklyn

Vacuum control devices are broken down into two types. The first is known as a vacuum breaker. The second is a vacuum regulator. Each has their own use and method of operation. In the event that this delicate system requires vacuum controls replacement in Brooklyn, we’ll be ready to help after a simple phone call. For over 50 years, NY Pump has been providing exceptional pump services to residential and commercial customers in Brooklyn NY. We are committed to your satisfaction and provide prompt and expert vacuum controls replacement in Brooklyn. For the benefit of your curiosity, we’ve provided information on the two types of vacuum control devices and how they work.

The first type, vacuum breakers or vacuum relief valves, will control vacuum by providing ambient air into the system. These breakers will control the pressure within the system at the outlet port. They will open to create the highest amount of useable absolute process power or to reduce the level of vacuum in the system. If the absolute process power is too low, meaning the vacuum power is too high, the system will use a plunger to allow outside air to enter. Then everything balances itself out. If this balance is off, you need professional vacuum controls replacement in Brooklyn.

The second type of vacuum control devices are vacuum regulators. Air is throttled in the system in an effort to get the right amount of process vacuum. In contrast to the vacuum breakers, pressure in the regulators is caused by the inlet port, not the outlet. This regular increases the absolute pressure within the system by closing to reduce the vacuum level. The plunger within the system will lower if the process pressure is too low in order to restrict the gas flow. This gas flow is then pushed forward to increase the pump’s process.

As you can see, creating the right amount of vacuum within a system is a difficult thing to do. All of the parts within the system must be working at their best or larger failure can occur. This is why we are there to help you in the event that any of the parts require vacuum controls replacement in Brooklyn.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Vacuum Pump Repair in NYC

Your vacuum pump can take damage in a number of ways. Like any other delicate piece of machinery, small parts within the inner-working of the pump can fail, break, or wear out. Over times, your vacuum pump may begin to lag or not work with efficiency. You may find leaks and other signs of damage. In the event that any serious issues arise in your vacuum pump, we will be happy to come save the day with professional vacuum pump repair in NYC. The experts at NY Pump have been servicing residential and commercial buildings including hospitals, management companies, and municipalities for over half a decade. Our professional vacuum pump repair in NYC leaves your pump in working order, functioning as it should. Still, we would like to see you get the most of your machines. That is why we assembled information below about common ways you vacuum pump can fail and need repair.

Leaks can be devastating to the pump. It needs to be air tight, so if anything it getting through, the vacuum action will be broken or slowed down. Still, other issues might arise within the pump that cause leakage. If you find any leakage, this is usually a problem with the vacuum action itself and requires vacuum pump repair in NYC.

Contamination can also occur within the vacuum pump. This happens when debris gets caught up somewhere within the system. If any foreign substances enter the oil, a serious problem can arise. This is why it is highly critical for experts to come check out your pump and perform regular flushing.

Gasses may also begin to spill forth from the pump. Again, this can happen when unusual elements enter the pump, oil, or other part of the system. In the event that you notice any seeping gas, you should call us right away for expert vacuum pump repair in NYC. Don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself.

In addition to our affordable vacuum pump repair in NYC, we provide the following services:

Dealing with these pumps is highly dangerous for anybody without the proper training and equipment. To play around with these machines without the knowledge of how they work can only cause more damage to the pump and potential damage to your body. We can get the job done right because we understand how important your productivity is.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sewage Ejector Pump Repair in Queens

Sewage ejector pump problems are often serious issues that require expert sewage ejector pump repair in Queens. The professionals at NY Pump are equipped with knowledge, training, and over a half century's experience repairing pumps and motors for residential and commercial properties. There are ways you can maintain the quality of your sewage pump system and not have to worry about major devastation. In order to help you, we’ve assembled a list of tips to get the most out of your plumbing system overall. But in the event of danger, we are still only a phone call away.

If you plan on leaving the home for an extending period, you must shut off the water pump or close the main valve before you go. This is a crucial, yet commonly overlooked component of proper sewage and plumbing maintenance. The entire system may fall apart if a leak goes undetected for more than a few days, requiring professional sewage ejector pump repair in Queens. Please keep this in mind.

If you are overly worried about failure to your sewage ejector pump, you can install an alarm in the system. This alarm will create a loud buzzing sound if your pump is near the point of critical failure. This will give you all the time you need to get the experts into your home for prompt sewage ejector pump repair in Queens before you find backup sewage all over your basement.

If you have any outdoor faucets, you need to be sure they are able to withstand the varying climates of the different seasons. The winter is especially hard on these outdoor faucets. If they are not able to withstand cold temperatures, then you can always shut them down for the winter and open them again when the weather warms up. If these faucets freeze or become damaged, your entire plumbing system can become a ticking time bomb. Don’t play with disaster when this is such an easy preventative fix.

Your plumbing system is delicate. Sewage ejector pumps are prone to fail. Don’t let the failure cause major loss to your home or property. Call for affordable sewage ejector pump repair in Queens.

For more information about sewage ejector pump repair in Queens, contact NY Pump today at (718) 768-8700.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Return Condensate Pumps Repair in NYC

The return condensate pump is also known as the boiler-feed pump. Its main job is to ensure the boiler or similar heating system runs by causing an exit for the condensate that builds up within. These pumps can take damage in many ways, which is why we exist to assist you in case something goes awry. At NY Pump we have over half a century's experience repairing pumps for residential and commercial properties. We are committed to your satisfaction and providing you with service that leaves your pump functioning the way it should. We’ve listed a few reasons why you may need professional return condensate pumps repair in NYC.

Within each condensate pump there is a small basket strainer that collects sediment within the system. If this sediment gets to the receiver within, it can destroy the system. And if the strainer gets jammed up, you will begin to notice problems.

Collecting this sediment is critical to prevent another, more serious pump failure from occurring down the line. If wet air gets into the system, particles within can cause the pipes, receiver, and pump to rust out. When the strainer is not collecting these particles, the entire system may begin to corrode and require expert return condensate pumps repair in NYC.

It is also possible that the condensate gets way too hot for the system to maintain. You’ll notice this problem from more than the immense heat. You’ll hear a rustling sound within the pump, which means that cavitation is taking place in the system. This sound is caused when water flashes through and immediately turns into vapor. Bubbles in the vapor are another factor that can cause the entire system to corrode.

Speaking of heat, if you notice that your boiler room is unusually hot, then you have another problem on your hands. But you don’t need us to tell you that. This unbearable heat around the boiler is caused when there’s not enough combustion taking place near the burners. Instead of trying to fix this problem, which can be dangerous, call for professional return condensate pump repair in NYC.

Our experts provide prompt and affordable return condensate pumps repair in NYC. We are sure to get your pump working when you need.

For more information about our professional return condensate pumps repair in NYC, call NY Pump today at (718) 768-8700.