Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pump Repair Queens

Fuel pumps can fail for any number of reasons. Not because you’re overworking your vehicle, but because the parts within are apt to wear away, as is normal for all machinery. Pumps have various repairs available, aimed to get you back on the road in no time at all. If you’re stuck, or experiencing problems with your fuel pump, you need to get to pump repair in Queens before it develops into a larger issue. Replacing a fuel pump is not necessary with the proper maintenance. So why do they fail and what can you do about it?

NY Pump specializes in pump repair in Queens to get your pump back to working order without delay. Our rates are sure to fit your budget, and our efficient methods keep downtime minimal. Our expert pump repair specialists are experienced and knowledgeable on varieties of pumps for many industries, and will restore your pump with quality results.

A little history lesson is in order. There are two types of fuel pumps. They are mechanical and electrical. Mechanical pumps are mounted outside the fuel tank itself, and are much easier to maintain and repair. These pumps were once the standard. Everything changed when fuel injector engines became popular. These engines required a different type of pump.

These newer pumps are the second type, electrical. These pumps are much more delicate than the original models. They require more moving parts and delicacy between the systems. These pumps are found inside the fuel tank itself, as opposed to the mechanical pumps that sit outside.

Vehicles and fuel pump systems that require injection need their fuel pressure higher and more precise. The rotary displacement pumps produce a much higher pressure, perfect for the newer vehicles. This involves more fuel drawn in, and parts spinning faster. With the increase in friction, the parts are more apt to wear, corrode, and damage. That is when pump repair in Queens is important. If you get to the situation early, you can save yourself a lot of money on the other end by avoiding a larger repair job or complete overhaul of the fuel system.

We perform pump repair in Queens for all neighborhoods, including:

Pump repair is a delicate job, but we make it our specialty. Contact us today to see how we can bring our passion for pumps into your life.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Pump Replacement in Brooklyn

A water or general hydraulic pump is perhaps one of the most critical elements to any engine performance. The pump is pushing water and fluid constantly into the engine to prevent it from overheating. When the pump fails, the entire engine is short to follow. That is why pump replacement is critical. The following information is meant to help you determine if you need pump replacement in Brooklyn

At NY Pump, our pump professionals assist you in finding the pump you need for your operations. We are experienced and knowledgeable in pumps for various industries, providing you with leading brands and competitive prices to get your pump back to functioning order without delay. When you speak with us about your pump needs, we will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about reliable products that perform when you need them.

Obviously, you’ll know if your pump fails. But these symptoms listed below will help you to notice smaller issues before they develop into larger repairs. And when you need pump replacement in Brooklyn, you know you can rely on us.


This is perhaps the most obvious of the pump problems. You’ll notice water or fluid building on the underside, wherever the pump produces its output. This is noticeable by puddles, of course. But smaller leaks can be determined by placing a container below the pump and seeing what builds up.

Loose Belt

This problem is not as noticeable as a leak. But you can figure out if the belt is loose by pulling on it. This is around the bearing, where most pump problems will come up. Give it a tug or two, if it moves more than it should, use the other hand to call us for pump replacement in Brooklyn.

Strange Sounds

A pump that needs replacement will usually produce some type of unwanted noise. Listen for grinding, gurgling, and other sounds that sound like internal tears. This is a clear indication of a pump that needs replacement.

Temperature Control

Check the system’s temperature gauge. If you notice increasing temperatures, then that means the bearing inside the pump is worn or wearing. This is another indicator you need pump replacement in Brooklyn right away.

We are available for pump services throughout Brooklyn, NY, including the following neighborhoods:
These are some of the most obvious ways to check a pump for possible replacement. If you notice any of these, or any other strange occurrences, give us a call to determine your replacement options.

For more information about pump replacement in Brooklyn, call NY Pump at (718) 768-8700.