Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Pump Motor Repair NYC

If you are reading this, chances are you have a pump motor that needs pump motor repair.

Whether you have a pool pump, heating pump for a building or sump pump for a basement, it sadly will not last forever. If and when your pump is no longer working properly, you will come to face a major question: "Is it worth it to get a whole new pump or should I just a get the motor repaired?" The cost between a motor and a pump replacement can be sizable. 

Over years a pump can be subject to heat, rain and even lightening strikes. The pump's internal parts can go bad and require replacement. 

How to know when your motor is in need of repair?

Loud Screeching and Grinding noises can be a crucial sign. Besides the age of the motor, it can rust or freeze from water inside the casing. 

Next a humming sound coming from the capacitor. This barrel stores an electrical charge to be dispersed to either kick start or keep the motor running. A blown capacitor is caused by a surge in power or overheating but is an easy fix for NY Pump & Motor Repair

A simple pop and click sound can mean your motor is on its last legs. This can be a sign of a deeper electrical issue. 

Finally, if there is just silence coming from the motor, check the power source. If that seems fine then most times your pump motor is dead. This is sign that the inner workings of the motor have failed and therefore you will need it replaced completely.

Keeping NY Pump & Motor Repair on your maintenance list can prevent you from the larger costs that come with a failed motor. Repairing it will make it less costly and continue running well. 

We advise you not to wait too long to get a pump motor repair in NY. You don't want more, potentially more serious, issues to develop to your business or apartment building. If you pump problem can't wait, we also provide prompt 24 hour emergency pump repair services. 

To require a pump motor repair in NY or to inquire more about our services at NY Pump & Motor Repair, contact us at (718) 768-8700.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Industrial Pumps Service in NYC

Industrial pumps are major devices used to move various liquids or gases to a specific location. There are several different types of pumps that are used and need repair services. An industrial pumps service in NYC can't be performed easily by a small plumbing company. Industrial pump repairs require a high level of experience, in which you will need a professional industrial repair company. 

Industrial Pumps Service in NYC
NY Pump & Motor Repair's professional pump staff has been providing industrial pumps services for many clients throughout New York City since 1941. When repairs are needed for any industrial pump, it is important to get a certified pump technician to complete the job correctly. There are a variety of industrial pumps used through New York including water booster pumps, gear pumps, sump pumps, positive displacement pumps and more. 

Businesses that have industrial pumps and motors cannot afford to have their machines broken for long periods of time. We understand that pump issues can happen randomly, which is why we offer 24/7 pump services for your convenience. When you call us you can be rest assured that we will diagnose the problem quickly and make the necessary repairs. 

As a family-owned and operated company, our staff is highly trained and has extensive knowledge of a wide selection of pumps and the repairs they may need. We pride ourselves on customer service and work hard to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their industrial pumps service in NYC.

For more information about our industrial pumps service in NYC, contact NY Pump & Motor Repair at (718)-768-8700.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pump Maintenance in NYC

Water pumps are the heart of the water systems of countless businesses and apartment complexes in New York City. Your water supply is what's highly important to keep your building and the people who work and live in it able to work and live safely and comfortably. To ensure that your water pump is working smoothly and without issue, you need keep up with your pump maintenance in NYC.
Pump Maintenance in NYC

Water pumps are quite similar to other piping systems. They are susceptible to developing problems through extensive use over long periods of time. If you happen to notice problems with your water flow, it might be time to take a look at your water pump. 

As you inspect your water pump, you might notice that it isn't performing its normal duties at your expected standards. If there's an odd noise emitting from the system or water flow is lacking greatly due to a clogged suction valve, it's time to get a professional to look at your pump system.

Maintaining a water pump is not an easy task to handle without assistance from an expert. A professional pump company, like NY Pump & Motor Repair, has the knowledge and equipment to handle various pump issues and, through regular maintenance, prevent them re-occurring.

As a family-owned and operated pump company, NY Pump & Motor Repair has provided pump maintenance for many satisfied clients in NYC since 1941. We take pride in giving prompt and professional pump maintenance services with high level of customer care. 

For our team of professional pump specialists, no form of pump maintenance in NYC is too big or small for us to handle. When we come to businesses or apartmenst, we get right to work inspecting your water pump and detecting where the problems are occurring in the system. 

Of course, you're not going to always know when your water pump will stop working, which is why we provide 24 hour emergency pump services. You shouldn't have to stress yourself out and have your daily schedule disrupted when your water pump acts up. 

Don't wait til your water pump system problems get worse, our pump experts will be there in no time!

For more information about our pump maintenance in NYC, contact NY Pump & Motor Repair at (718)-768-8700.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Pump Repair in NY

A water pump is essential and a key component to any business or apartment building. All your plumbing and water supply rely heavily on this pump. If it were to stop working or begin to malfunction, you could deal with potentially losing most of your water supply or have your water overflow within their respective water outlets. If you happen to notice your pump acting up, it might be time to get a pump repair in NY.

NY Pump & Motor Repair is here to give you the pump repair service you need!

Pump Repair in NY
As a professional, full-service pump repair company, NY Pump & Motor Repair has serviced both commercial and residential buildings in New York since 1941. Our pump repair staff have the experience and knowledge to handle your pump issue and successfully complete repairs they require.

Water pumps are what provide your building with its water supply. If you happen to notice fluctuations with the water pressure, strange noises coming from the tank, spitting faucets or other negative symptoms coming from your pump, our trained repair staff can inspect the problem and begin the necessary repairs it needs.

We advise you not to wait too long to get a pump repair in NY. You don't want more, potentially more serious, issues to develop to your business or apartment building. If you pump problem can't wait, we also provide prompt 24 hour emergency pump repair services. 

To require a pump repair in NY or to inquire more about our services at NY Pump & Motor Repair, contact us at (718) 768-8700.

NY Pump & Motor Repair - Your trusted Pump Repair in NY experts.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sump Pump Repair in NYC

A sump pump is a special pump that is placed at the bottom of a sump pit. They are mostly installed in a crawlspace or basement. A sump pump is designed to pump water away from your home and to help protect the foundation from water damage. These sump pumps are triggered by a float switch, which is set on a specific level. Once the switch hits the level it is activated, and automatically starts pumping water away from your home. This is a simple yet effective way of keeping your basement from flooding. 

Sump Pump Repair in NYC
There are times, however, when your sump pump might not be working as it should. Are in need of a sump pump repair in NYC? Come talk to our professional staff at NY Pump & Motor. We at NY Pump & Motor have provided sump pump services for over 76 years. Our professional staff are here to help you promptly and efficiently.

If you are a home owner and you are unaware if your sump pump needs to be looked at, here are some signs to look out for: 

Won't Turn On

A sump pump is supposed to turn on automatically. During the wet seasons, it's best to check up on your sump pump and be sure that it's working right. If you notice it doesn't turn on, then call our pump professionals at NY Pump & Motor

Weird Sounds

If you notice your sump pump making weird sounds, then it's time to get it looked at by our professionals. Weird noises can caused by a jammed pump, a malfunction, or when the pump has just broken down entirely. Do not delay the process and let it get worse, as it can only lead a serious problem. 

Foul Smell

If you notice your pump is giving off a foul smell, then there could be a number of things that range from the system not being sealed, to a venting issue. Another reason for a foul smell could indicate a clog in the sump pump. Getting this repaired is crucial, as it might impact the health of your family. 

Don't let your need for a sump repair in NYC go unnoticed. Let NY Pump & Motor assist you today and fix your sump pump before it gets worse. We also provide numerous sump pump services including: 

If you are in need of a Sump Pump Repair in NYC, contact NY Pump & Motor
at (718) 768-8700.

NY Pump & Motor - Your trusted source for Sump Pump Repair in NYC.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Emergency Pump Repair NYC

Is your pump seizing, lacking pressure, leaking, flooding, or having overflowing issues? Don't worry! Whatever your concern is, at NY Pump we are able to help with our highly equipped service vehicles and thoroughly professional technicians when it comes to emergency pump repair in NYC

Emergency Pump Repair NYC 
Emergency pump repair in NYC is a service that we have specialized in for many years, and we pride ourselves on quick, definitive, 24/7 pump repair service, all managed and handled by expert team in New York City. In case your pump or pumping tool needs attendance due to breakdown, you can contact us any time, day or night. We have the skill to repair your pump when you seek our help and, if your problem is beyond repair, we have the knowledge and expertise to install a replacement. 

We realize how much frustration a faulty pump can cause and that’s the reason why we are quick to help our customers keep their businesses and private homes' pumps running and their nonfunctional times at a minimum. We have the solution for many pump problems and have extensive experience providing emergency pump repair in NYC for  sewage pumps, packaged pump stations, borehole pumps, well pumps, booster pumps for water pressure enhancement, heating pumps, pump control equipment, rainwater harvesting equipment, sewage treatment plants, storm water pumps & flood avoiding pumps, transmission pumps and more.

We believe that quick, responsive service on time service is incredibly important, that is why we put a special emphasize on our dispatch times, keeping the length of time between your call and our arrival as short as possible. We make sure to reach your doorstep swiftly and, being a 24/7 service, we can be there any time you need, whether it’s 12 am or 12 pm. At NY Pump we specialize in prompt pump repair whether it's a scheduled appointment or an emergency.

To learn more about us at NY Pump or for more information about our emergency pump services in NYC, call us today at (718) 768-8700. One of our pump experts will be happy to speak with you. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pump Repair NY

Just like any other hardware, pumps also need maintenance and repair. But of course repairing a pump involves professional knowledge, training and experience. Although repair kits are easily available in the market for the purpose of self-help, it is best to seek the service of an expert for pump repair NY.

It is highly probable that you will not be aware of the specific requirements of your machine, unless you are an engineer yourself, and therefore it is imperative to call us to call us at NY Pump, where we offer trustworthy pump repair services. Be it companies or home owners that have analyzed the problem and find themselves in instant need of pump repairs must know how critical the repair procedures are in order to get their machines back to working conditions. To fill this need, such company or home owners will need to approach pump repair services that understand and perform the downtime caused by broken pumps in such environment. As a pump repair company, we will have qualified technicians to work on any type and brand of pump. We at NY Pump will also have expert customer service to assist you with the much needed guidance regarding the repair works. For pump repair services to be expertly completed, your pump repair professionals will be able to boast of a group of well-trained engineers with considerable knowledge and experience. They will dissemble all the parts and thoroughly clean the pump to deliver the best results.

Pump Repair NY
It is wise to assess the company by virtue of the customer service it provides. As a professional pump repair service provider, we will take care to respond to the clients' demands and queries very promptly. Our customer service executives will be able to answer your queries about guarantees and warranties, servicing and maintenance very clearly. At NY Pump we also provide 24 hour emergency pump repair services. When you hire our professionals when it comes to issues with your pumps, your providers can repair your pump within a stipulated period. They should to the work quickly and responsibly and not delay in any way. We will also provide customized solutions for your specific needs.

Repairing and maintaining a pump involves professional training and knowledge. There are many intricacies involved and it is best to choose an expert for the job rather than experiment on your own. To learn more about pump repair NY, please call us today at (718) 768-8700. One of our pump repair experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Commercial Pump Repair in NYC

Every piece of equipment in the world has a life and the condition for it to work well in its lifespan is to make sure it is taken care of, which includes its usage as described in the manual and having it thoroughly inspected by professionals if you feel it is not working well.

If something doesn't feel right with your commercial pump it probably isn't. There can be many things wrong with your pump as they are complicated machines. Instead of trying to tackle this problem with limited knowledge, it is highly recommended you seek the help of our professionals at NY Pump & Motor Repair for commercial pump repair in NYC

Commercial Pump Repair in NYC 
Our company hires skilled staff with experience of dealing with any kind of repair issue. We provide you with a complete rebuild and new part options. The repairs begin with a full inspection of the pump and through a thorough examination to determine not only the present problem but we dive deep into the roots of the problem to make sure it does not happen again. 

At NY Pump & Motor Repair will provide you a through the report of our examination and the steps that will be taken to make the pump new again. After you have agreed with the course of action our skilled workers will start working on the repairs. Upon completion, a whole set of suggestions will be given to you for its future use and care.

So, whether its water, vacuum, heat, or any other type of pump we are professional to handle it with excellence and efficiency. We also provide installation services. You can easily come anytime and visit our office or you can call and inquire our process and operations. To get an appointment call us now. We offer reasonable rates to our customers as our main focus is only on delivering you with the best quality of work and ensure safe and easy living.

For more information about our commercial pump repair in NYC, or to learn more about us at NY Pump & Motor Repair, feel free to call us today at (718) 768-8700. One of our pump repair experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pump Installation in NYC

The first step in protecting your home from encroaching water is through installing a pump. Sump pumps are normally electrical powered, but you can find the once that are battery powered but they do not offer better services than powered pumps. These pumps are utilized to remove excessive water they are installed within the household basement. The excessive water from underground or rain can be funneled into the collection basin so that the sump pump and keep the basement dry and safe. There are various reasons why you should hire our professionals at NY Pump for your pump installation in NYC, some of them are:

Swift services
Pump Installation in NYC
We have the ability to provide households with swift pump installation services. If you are experiencing issues with your pump, it’s crucial to employ one of our capable individuals to fix the problem in the shortest time possible.

Avoid further problems
Problems might appear, simple and easy at the first time, but becomes complex when you try the do-it-yourself method. Sump pump experts know how to diagnose the problem and how the handle electricity and water to avoid further damage that can lead to  a greater expense.

Excellent knowledge and years of experience
At NY Pump our professional pump installers has excellent knowledge regarding pump installation. They know the appropriate kind of pump for your household, how to utilize the pump and to repair any related issue that may occur. When you need a pump, they know exactly what you need and if they are out of stock, they know the best alternative to the one you need.

Tailored advice
A great part of hiring a pump installation specialist is the personalized advice. Before employing a sump pump, you need to get a tailored advice regarding your home and the kind of pump you need. It is beneficial when you have outdated home pipes or if your home needs some drilling to install the pump. We provide specific recommendations regarding the pump and how to maintain it.

Satisfying services
When you hire our specialists for your pump installation project, you will have professional and satisfying services. They offer tips about the pumps, the available updated versions, and parts. This assists you to budget yourself and save a large amount of money on the expenses, and get professional and satisfying services. 

Without a doubt, every time you have pump installation project or you are facing any pump related issues, seek the service of a qualified pump installation expert.

To learn more about our pump installation in NYC, or for more information about us at NY Pump, please call us today at 718-768-8700. One of our pump experts will be ready to speak to you. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Condensate Pump Repair In NYC

Today we at NY Pump & Motor Repair would like to discuss the importance of condensate pump repair in NYC.

The condensate pump is a vital piece of your HVAC. As it cools, your HVAC produces buildup. The system relies on gravity and a 3/4 inch to guide the water to the outside of the building.

Condensate pumps consist of three parts: the buoy, the supply and the pump. All the parts work together to reduce and eliminate the build up. As the build up level rises in the supply, it lifts the buoy which activates the pump. As the build up is cleared, the buoy moves back down, deactivating the pump.

Some reasons you might experience problems in the condensate pump include:
Condensate Pump Repair In NYC

  • The evaporator/boiler pressure is too high. The condensate pump's job is to to deliver the condensation away from the pump. For this to work it needs the pressure to be higher than the pressure in the boiler. As a general guideline, the heater functions at around 50 psi or less. On the off chance the heater is over 50 psi, the pump should release at at the pressure of the boiler. This could be an extra 10 psi over the usual 50. 
  • The condensate is too high for the pump to work. As the steam is trapped, the pump should sizzle. In the event is too hot--close to 190 degree Fahrenheit, the pump may cavitate when it runs. Cavitation is what happens when the radial pump tries to pump water and the water flashed into vapor. This may sound like rocks traveling through the pumps.  When the water is in its vaporized form at a very high temperature it can actually eat away at the metal propellers and damage the pump. For repair, you'll need to have the damaged steam traps repaired or replaced by an expert. At NY Pump & Motor Repair  we have been making simple fixes as these and complex pump repairs since 1941. Call us today and we'll be right with you. 
Condensate pumps are dependable and an essential part to the entire pump system. As part of their routine upkeep they should be regularly maintained and repaired. If a condensate pump is left without a repairs water can flood inside the building and rack up water damage costs. As a preventative measure, simply have your pump cleaned and maintained by professionals like us.

To learn more about our condensate pump repair in NYC, please call us today at 718-768-8700. One of our pump experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Pump Repair in NYC

Pump Repair in NYC

Pumps in New York City do an enormous amount of work every day. New York is the biggest city in the USA and any heavy machinery has to work extra-hard to meet up with New York’s deluxe-sized demand. And that heavy demand in turn leads to an awful lot of punishment on your pumps, sometimes to the point where they decide to give up and stop working. 

No matter how big your pump, whether it’s serving your house, your apartment complex or your business, losing your pump’s functionality can stop life in its tracks. Pump repair in NYC is always an emergency, but there’s a difference between acting quickly and rushing carelessly. When your pump goes, take a few breaths and keep these three points in mind:

1. Turn the Pump Off
The first thing you should do when investigating problems with your pump is to turn it off. First of all, pump problems can get worse if they are allowed to continue to run when they aren’t doing their job. Secondly, failing to power down your pump can actually cause it to injure you. Pumps are motorized devices, just like you don’t want to get your hand caught in your car’s engine when it’s running, you don’t want to get yourself caught in heavy pump machinery while the motor is running. Take the necessary precaution. Shut it down.

2. Pump Repair in NYC Is Not a Do It Yourself Job
Many home and business owners think they or their supers can make the repairs themselves, and, while they might do a good job with other repairs, a pump is an especially sensitive and powerful piece of machinery. Lack of training can cause you to damage your pump in the effort to fix it or, worse, damage yourself. Don’t act in a manner that will only increase the cost of your pump repair or, heaven forbid, increase your medical bills. Call a professional.  

3. Pump Repair Is Not Where You Should Cut Corners
Your pump is an important part of your operation and cutting corners with water heat, sewage, or other systems in your building is not worth risking on the lowest bidder. This is one of those cases where spending a little more money today saves you a lot more money in the long run.

NY Pump has been handling Pump Repair in NYC since 1941. Our pump repair engineers are experienced, qualified, and efficient. They can be relied upon to get the job done right.

To call NY Pump for a Pump Repair quote in NYC, any hour of the day or day of the week, dial (718)768-8700.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Pump Repair NYC

Today, we at NY Pump & Motor Repair we want to offer some interesting information about your pump as well as some tips on what to do if you need pump repair NYC.

A mechanical well pump is, in a way, a fascinating thing. While widely used in more remote areas with no piping as a means of distributing water to a house, these contraptions remain oddly shrouded in mystery, with many misconceptions and an aura of misinformation still surrounding them.

Pump Repair NYC 
The truth is, however, that if homeowners who need this equipment to get water to their taps take certain preventive measures, they should have little to no need for well pump repair for the duration of the device's lifespan. However - stemming, once again, from misinformation - certain people can easily be led to make assumptions or attempt actions which may jeopardize not only the equipment's proper functioning but its warranty as well.

An engineer would solve a faulty valve by checking to see if it is not clogged with rubbish and then they would confirm that the valve arrow is pointing away from the pump instead of towards it. Below are only a few of the most common tips that must be considered when it comes to pump repair.
  •  Don't Do It Yourself: Professionals repeatedly stress this point at every turn, but it bears mentioning again - it is highly prejudicial to attempt well pump repair work without proper knowledge of one of these devices, or training on how to fix it. Many homeowners fancy themselves DIY wizards, and their skills may indeed serve them well in the context of other jobs around the house; however, in this case, it is best to use a specialist, as incorrect 'repair' work can easily aggravate the malfunction or even cause it to stop working. In this particular case, businesses are not simply trying to take your money - trust them.
  •   Don't Try To Save Money: Tying in with the previous point is the fact that, in the case of a well pump repair, you should not simply settle for the cheapest specialist in your area. Some businesses out there may indeed offer affordable or even bargain quotes, but always do your homework prior to engaging anyone. These devices are extremely delicate, and careless work can - as explained above - aggravate the problems with their mechanics. Think of this equipment as you would your computer: sometimes, it comes back from the shop with a whole host of problems that were not there before, because the technician was not very good. The same can easily happen in this case, so make sure you shop around for the right serviceman.
  • Always Turn Off the Power: Any specialist will tell you this, but you should always flip the electricity switch off before starting any investigation. Failure to do so can result in damage for the equipment, and possible injury to yourself!
Most people easily make these mistakes when dealing with this sensitive equipment. The lifespan of a typical pump is approximately ten years because the intense job that they do means that the equipment is eventually destructible but regular maintenance can minimize the need for constant repair.

It is always a good idea to hire professionals such as us from NY Pump & Motor Repair instead of doing a repair or maintenance job yourself, because our accredited and qualified engineers will have the experience to carry out a task effectively and efficiently.

To learn more about our pump repair NYC or for more information about us, please call us today at 718-768-8700. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sewage Ejector Pump Repair in NYC

For so many years, most families use a sewage ejector pump to ensure proper waste removal. Most homes prefer using them because of their functionality and durability. Homes with finished basements need a sewage ejector to help move waste out of the home. The sewage ejector is connected to plumbing pipes as a disposal system. Although it can last for years, it might have minor or major problems that require repairs, especially when remodeling your basement. For sewage ejector pump repair in NYC you can be sure to call us at NY Pump & Motor Repair.

Ejector pipes come in different sizes, types, and shapes. Most of them are complicated. The ejector is designed to pass small solid, which means solids are broken down before they are pumped out. Bigger solids may lead to the breakdown of your sewage ejector pump. Because of the differed types, shapes and sizes in the market, it is not advisable to repair your sewage ejector pump yourself. Using the services of a professional can help you lower the cost and avoid further damage to your ejector pump.

Usually, people assume their ejector pumps are fine even when they have discovered a minor problem. They wait until it completely fails, which can be a nightmare. Discovering sewage ejector mishaps at an early stage offer you the opportunity to seek professional help from us and avoid complete damage and new installation. These are the most common sewage ejector pump problems:
Sewage Ejector Pump Repair in NYC 

  • When the pump isn’t cycling
  • When it is cycling, but does not evacuate waste or pit properly
  • When the sewage ejector is evacuating, but no water is removed from the pit
When you notice this kind of mishaps with your pump, don’t do the repair yourself, call our professionals to help you with finding a lasting solution for your ejector pump.

What kind of maintenance is needed for a sewage ejector pump?
If your ejector is well maintained, it should operate without fail. Flushing items such as disposable wipes, feminine products and other materials that cannot be broken down into smaller pieces can damage your ejector pipe. Generally, these materials cannot be moved upwards under the force of the pump meaning they will put pressure on the pump leading to mishaps.

Maintained help last longer as it helps discover mishaps early and protect others form occurring. Depending on your ejector pump problems, the cost will vary from one problem to another and from one pump to another. If you have any problems with your ejector pump, call us and we will be glad to offer help.

To learn more about us at NY Pump or for more information about our sewage pump repair in NYC, please call us today at 718-768-8700. One of our pump repair experts will be happy to speak to you. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Pump Repair In Brooklyn

Pumps offer a great way to move fluid from one point to another. They can be found and used everywhere from inside the house, the garden and to vehicle and engine maintenance. In fact, pumps often play a crucial role in the functioning of equipment or engines. Just like fuel pumps found inside vehicles and the failure of these pumps can actually disable the vehicle; any sump pump damage in a building can render its occupants restless. These pumps can help a building avoid thousands of pounds’ worth of flood damage by pushing out water and sewage when called upon to do so, therefore it is essential that they operate effectively and efficiently at all times. No one is ever happy when there is pump damage around the house or building or even in a vehicle. A simple thing such as a broken pipe can result in gallons of water flooding a basement room in a matter of minutes which may then submerge and destroy precious property. So, what happens when there you need pump repair in Brooklyn?
Pump Repair In Brooklyn 
When you notice symptoms of pump damage, get to professionals. NY Pump & Motor Repair has trained experts in the field of pump repair will have experienced many different emergency situations before so they will be equipped to deal with any potential problems that may arise through the sudden breakdown or failure of a pump.

The pumps that are practically constructed with sturdy materials are still not expected to last forever. Hence, one must anticipate its consequences and accept the fact that their machines will eventually face some wear and tear depending on their usage and built. The correct approach is to perform periodic check-ups and routine planned maintenance just to ensure that the pump systems do not breakdown. Multinational corporations that employ industrial motors and pumps cannot afford to have their equipment stalling or facing indeterminacy for long periods of time. This is when the need for pump repairs arises. It is understood that a lot of businesses that have industrial pumps and motors cannot afford to have their machines broken for long periods of time. For this reason, as a company offering pump repair services, we are ever ready to step in on a minutes' notice to help analyze the problem and come up with a repair. At NY Pump we understand that any downtime caused by a broken pump or motor cuts into company production and throws the company off schedule. Offering industrial pump repair services, we understand how critical the machines are to running the business. We have qualified technicians able to work on most any working brand pump as well as expert customer service to help and follow up on any further needs.

As such, pump repair is not a process that should be attempted by just anyone. There are too many uncontrollable variables to replacing this equipment that justify calling in a specialist rather than attempting to diagnose and fix the issue yourself. All you can do is watch the symptoms; spot whether or not your equipment is faulty. This is not at all hard to do, as the signs are telling: if you have no water in the house, are experiencing low or uneven water pressure, and if the water coming out of your taps and showers is dirty-looking, you may be in need of new equipment. It is at this point that it is recommended to get the services of a pump repair company or specialist rather than setting out to solve the issue. Approach pump repair services that understand and perform the downtime caused by broken pumps in a production environment because the range of problems the equipment can experience is surprisingly vast, and some of them are too technical for someone with no knowledge of pump repairs to fully understand. When you require pump repair services, consider our experts of pump repairers to help you with a pump repair in Brooklyn.

For more information about our pump repairers at NY Pump & Motor Repair call us today at 718-768-8700. One of our experts will be happy to speak with you. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Pump Maintenance In NYC

Generally, pump maintenance is perceived to be expensive, which is true, pump maintenance could be expensive, but if you conduct a cost-benefit analysis, you’d be surprised at how much you would save from pump maintenance. We know that an efficient pump works more on less fuel, therefore, it is cost- efficient, but sometimes it is difficult to notice whether or not your pump is working properly, or whether there is something wrong with it and you need a professional to find that out.

Pump Maintenance In NYC 
Remember, how we said, pump maintenance could be expensive? You don’t have to worry about that anymore, because we at NY Pump & Motor Repair provide cost-effective pump maintenance in NYC which are provided to customers based on their customized requirements. For example, sometimes your pump’s efficiency might decrease because it’s not clean, and cleaning services do not cost as much as a full repair or maintenance service. We understand that it is important to work under budget of our clients and increase their efficiency at the same time. So, we only suggest the maintenance services that are required, and do not suggest anything extra.

Our services are based on ideas of dependability, transparency and trust, because we know that our clients will only come back to us if they are provided efficient, dependable, trustworthy and transparent services. Thus, we provide services that are required to increase efficiency of pumps and do not suggest anything that could cost our client more than it needs to.

Whether you are looking for a pump repair or regular pump maintenance services that are time and cost-effective, you can contact us at any time for a full cleaning, maintenance or repair service.  We strive to be your first choice and regular partners for all your pump maintenance needs, that’s why we promise to offer the services you need, so that you never have to worry about paying more than you need to.  

To learn more about us at NY Pump & Motor Repair or about our pump maintenance in NYC call us today at 718-768-8700. One of our pump experts will be happy to speak with you. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pump Installation in NYC

Building safety is very important and it is a major consideration in coming to a decision over installations into it. This is why landlords, municipalities. and building owners pay particular attention to the installation of pumps into their properties. Proper pump installation is essential to safeguard your building from damage caused by water and flooding.          

Pump Installation in NYC
A proper pump system takes care of water from the drainage system in the basement. It helps to ensure that your home or place of business is always dry and free from safety hazards. It also removes the risk of electrocution within due to water left unattended in the building after heavy rain. Pumps automatically activate when water levels rise to a certain level. They suck in the water and dispose outside your building. For safety and for the protection of your property, pumps are an excellent investment. At NY Pump & Motor Repair we have been installing pumps since 1941, today we want to give an overview about pumps and pump installation in NYC.

What affects the cost of installation?

Type of pump
There are different types of pumps with unique peculiarities and advantages. The choice is usually between plastic and metal. With a plastic pump, you can be sure of its ability to withstand corrosion. It will however not function under high pressure reducing its efficiency. Metal pumps are better suited to high pressure but their parts are more susceptible to corrosion. Replacing metal parts can also prove to be very costly as the cost of replacements can rise to twice the amount it would cost for plastic parts. It’s a matter of getting the pump that suits your needs based on your building.

Floor type
Depending on what type of floor you have in the basement, the cost of pump installation may vary. Costs are sure to rise where the floor is made of cement. This is because they are thicker and require a lot of effort and labor to breakthrough them. Gravel or dirt floors will cost less as they require less labor and allow for speedy pump installation.

Signs you should replace your pumps

Electrical problems
Pump Installation in NYC
If electricity is being supplied to your pump and it does not turn on, this may be a sign that something is wrong. If you find yourself experiencing this problem with your pump, you should take steps to rectify it as soon as possible. This is particularly important because of the very damaging effects that may occur when electricity and water are left to react. If the electrical problems persist, a swift replacement of the pump is recommended as the safest option.

For every machine, there will be noise, however there are normal noises that indicate it's running properly and all other noises that indicate a problem. If you notice incessant noise that differs from  the norm in your pump, chances are that some of your parts are worn out or damaged. Worn out or faulty parts reduce the efficiency of your pump and will cause total breakdown at a certain point.

Why you should hire professionals

Our professionals are all certified, trained and licensed at NY Pump. As experts we know exactly what to do and understand the inside and outs of pumps. We highly recommend leaving pump repair or installation to the professionals because others may not understand the complexity of them and end up damaging a pump, thus putting their building at risk.

With proper pump installation by a professional you can kick-start a relationship that provides reliable service, upgrade and all round maintenance of your pump, you would also access general advice and updates about your pipes and original pump parts.

To learn more about our pump installation in NYC, please call us today at 718-768-8700, and an expert will be ready to take your call.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Industrial Pump Service in NYC

Any company that seeks to maximize the life of the industrial pump must perform a proper periodic maintenance of the pump at pre-determined intervals. Preventive maintenance helps in ensure that the pump is in its optimal performance all throughout its life. It also prevents the development of serious problems may cause lengthy downtime or costly replacements. We at NY Pump & Motor Repair want you to know the importance of checking your industrial pumps and having an industrial pump service in NYC.
Industrial Pump Service in NYC 
It is usually recommended that you perform limited preventive maintenance after every eight hours of the pump service. Full industrial pump maintenance should be done after 250 hours of operation. The times of maintenance along with problems detected should be recorded for future reference. Moreover, it is important that the technician refers to the manufacturer’s manual when performing the maintenance on the pump to ensure compliance with the best standards.

Safety should be the first consideration. The pump should be shut down and allowed to cool before any maintenance is done on it. However, before the pump is shut, the technician should check the following; heat, noise, speed, flow, strain, vibration, pressure, power consumption, the presence of leakages and emissions, liquid level and any suspected product contamination. These elements provide important clues to the likely problems in your pump.

Engine fluid levels and the condition of engine fluids should be checked after every eight hours for engine driven pumps. During excessively hot or cold weather, coolant specifications should be adjusted.

The levels of the fuel systems, as well as the coolant, should be at the maximum level or just below the maximum. Do not wait for these elements to go to the minimum. The chances are that the pump will dry them up within the next eight hours.

Where the pump engine is cooled by the use of fans, the fans should be clean and free from debris. The air filters should be checked after every 250 hours of operation. The engine oil should be the manufacturer recommended oil type and clean. The disposal process for the oil should be compatible with the environment-friendly practices.

Have a qualified full pump service provider As a full pump service provider we offer the benefits of having one of our professional technicians at hand in case of any pump problem. Moreover, we stock the spare parts making repairs fast and efficient. You are also assured of an up-to-date repair and maintenance as well as quality advice on maintaining the pump.

For more than sixty years, NY Pump has been offering great, full pump services working with many pump brands and offering many services associated with them. To learn more about our industrial pump service in NYC, please call us today at 718-768-8700.