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Pump Repair Service in NY

Pump Repair Are you looking for Pump Repair in NYC? NY Pump & Motor Repair has been providing Pump Repair in NYC area since 1941. We pride ourselves with prompt & professional Pump Repair service with many years of experience and great customer care.

Pumps are an essential part of housing, and like every machine, from time to time, it requires repairs. However, different pumps require different techniques for repairs because they fundamentally have different parts.

Types of pumps

There are different categories of pumps, and all will require maintenance and repairs. Here are a few of them:

Water booster pump

A booster pump is used to intensify the pressure of fluid movement in a system. For water to move around buildings, especially really tall ones, booster pumps are needed to aid the water pressure. If you have ever been in a house where the water suddenly stops running, there is a very high possibility that the water booster pump is faulty and needs repairs; time to call for the cavalry!

Fire Pump

In modern housing, Fire pumps are non-negotiable. It serves as a part of a fire sprinkler system that is connected to a water source. Most times, it is activated when the system detects a possible fire outbreak.

When the fire sprinkler system in a building is exposed to heat that is above the design temperature, the system pressure drops which in turn activates the fire pump which opens and releases water to stop the source of the heat

Fire pumps are usually installed in high rise buildings, apartment complexes, etc. Due to its complexity, repairs are best handled by experts like NY pumps and motors to get excellent results.

Sump pump

Not all buildings have sump pumps. However, it is installed in the basement of a house to prevent water from accumulating. A sump pump is essential because it helps to solve flooding problems. Its primary role is to take the water away from the house to a place where it can cause no damage e.g., storm drains or dry wells.

Installing sump pumps is a method of basement waterproofing, mainly when water flows in through the perimeter drains or the foundation is below the water table level. It requires regular maintenance because it has a propensity to get clogged easily. A sloppy maintenance strategy will lead to constant repairs

Sewage pumps

In simple terms, a sewage pump is a mechanism for transferring sewage solid or liquids from one spot to another. Usually, the pump is installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin; this is why it is submerged. Being a centrifugal pump, the design allows both solid and liquid to pass through it without clogging the pump.

Although there are different kinds of sewage pump, it is best always to install the automatic one to avoid sewage overflow. There are other types of sewage pumps like Effluent, Solid handling, and Grinder pumps. No matter the class, the main aim is to eliminate sewage build-up in a building.

Almost every building has all the types of pumps listed above, and this is why at NY Pump and motor, we specialize in taking care of all your pump repair needs. We have well trained and experienced technicians who can help identify, analyze, and solve any pump problems you may be facing. We make sure service delivery is excellent and prompt. Contact us today for your pump Service needs.

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