Monday, November 4, 2019

Sewage Pump Repair in NYC

Are you looking for Sewage Pump service in NYC
NY Pump & Motor has been Providing Sewage Pump service in NYC since 1941 with prompt service and great customer care.

Sewage Pump Repair

Sewage pumps are an essential part of every building and having to repair when necessary is not a bad thing. Sometimes as buildings get older some parts begin to weaken and need regular maintenance, repair or replacement.
 A sewage pump is a pump that handles liquid or solid waste that is flushed down a drainage system. A sewage pump is installed when the sewage system is put in a position where the rules of gravity don't apply to waste movement. This means that the sewage system is located for example, in the basement of a building which is below the sewage lines and so a sewage pump is necessary for waste movement. 

At NY Pump and Motor repair, we make sure that any trouble with your sewage pump is handled expertly and properly. We offer professional repair services for any form of damage to your sewage pumps.

Signs your sewage pump needs fixing

There are different ways to know if your sewage pump needs repair. Once you pay attention to these details it is rare to have an emergency on your hands
1.       Pump is making funny noises

Well, this is the most obvious signs that something is wrong for any form of machinery. The moment you notice that your pump is making odd sounds like banging or clanging then you have to call for the Calvary.  Under no condition should you ignore or accommodate unfamiliar sounds because it is usually an indicator bigger problems may arise.

2.       The pump is cycling consciously

If you notice that your sewage is cycling non-stop, then it means there is a problem. Normally, pumps cycle on and off and a lot of pumps work in such a manner. But when you notice a pump that won't stop when it is supposed to and continues cycling, something needs to be repaired or else it can cause damage to the pump as a whole. The best way to solve this problem is to have professionals at NY Pump and Motor have a look at the machine
3.       The Pump is struggling to start or not starting
If your pump refuses to come on or gives a lot of trouble before starting, this is a clear indicator that the pump is bad and needs repair. This could be due to issues like a blown fuse, worn-out wires or the pump is simply too old.

4.       The Pump is producing dirty water

One of the functions of a sewage pump is to regular filter clean water into where you need it. The moment the pump begins to produce murky and dirty water, there is a problem with that pump. The easiest way to diagnose such a problem is to let professionals at NY Pump and motors run a diagnosis on the pump.
Our sewage pump repair service is 24/7, so anytime and any day, we are here to fix your sewage problem. After repairing the pump, you will need to have a constant maintenance strategy for it so that the problem does not reoccur. You can also subscribe to our maintenance plans.

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