Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cooling Tower Pumps Repair in NYC

Cooling tower pumps are essential to any larger system that needs to remain below a certain temperature for optimal operation. Their main job is to remove excess heat from any type of plumbing system. You’ll find cooling tower pumps in places like oil refineries, chemical plants, and power stations. Regular cooling tower pumps repair in NYC, as well as regular maintenance, is critical for them to run as efficiently as possible.

At NY Pump, our cooling tower pumps specialists are equipped with the knowledge, training, and experience to bring your cooling tower pump back to working order without delay. We are committed to your satisfaction, providing affordable cooling tower pumps repair in NYC when you need it. With over 70 years of trusted service, you can depend on NY Pump for all of your cooling tower pump needs. 

Most people think that any problem with a cooling tower pump results in having to purchase a brand-new system, which can be thousands of dollars. However, repairs are often the more logical and cost-effective option and can extend the life of the system for an additional 5 to 10 years.

If you do suspect something is wrong with your cooling tower pump, don’t panic. You can call us for expert cooling tower pumps repair in NYC. Here’s what you can expect us to do:
  1. Inspect the condition of the water distribution system, and provide a detailed report of the findings.
  2. Evaluate the consumable components of the cooling tower including heat transfer media (fill), inlet louvers, and drift eliminators.
  3. Examine the collecting basin with special attention given to seams and mating surfaces. Inspect all of the mechanical components of the pump including motors, belts, gears, bearings, and fans.
Once the evaluation is complete, you can discuss options. We will provide you repair options before considering a new cooling tower pump. Of course if a completely new pump is the safest option, then we will recommend that.

Once we complete cooling tower pumps repair in NYC, you can call on your technician tor regular maintenance of the pump. We will replace parts as needed, clean debris from cooling coils, repair insulation, and so much more.

With our cooling tower pump technician in your corner you can rest easy, knowing that your pump will continue to run in peak condition for years to come.  

For more information about our experienced cooling tower pumps repair in NYC, call NY Pump at (718) 768-8700.

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