Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Basement Waterproofing in NYC

Protect your basement and valuables with sump pump repair in NY. Too often, we've had to help friends move soggy boxes outside from their basements following a big storm. Without waterproofing their basement, they've left themselves vulnerable to the environment--especially as annual precipitation levels continue to rise. In most of these basements we've found a sump pump, but homeowners typically have no idea what it is other than a hole in the ground. Sump pump repair in NY would have saved them from wading through their own basement and removing valuables to flush the water from their home.

Waterproofing your home is a necessity in NY. It provides peace-of-mind as Spring showers fall or brutal winters lighten up. There are many reasons why your sump pump might malfunction, which is why regular maintenance is essential to prevent basement flooding. These can range from the wrong sized pump, internal problems when the pump shifts, and improper installation--among many others. The best way to determine whether your sump pump is working correctly is by running it and ensuring water is discharged outside. If not, you are in need of sump pump repair in NY.

Without basement waterproofing in NY, you run the risk of major problems with every heavy storm. Most times, these circumstances could have easily been avoided if the homeowner had called for sump pump repair in NY when they noticed an old, or malfunctioning sump pump in their basement. Proper basement waterproofing will protect your storage, machinery, wiring, and everything else in your basement from potentially permanent damage. Don't leave your belongings in nature's hands, protect yourself by having our experts perform your sump pump repair in NY, leaving your home--and valuables--dry during rainy and snowy seasons.

NY Pump & Motor Repair also offers the following sump pump services in NY:

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