Monday, April 24, 2017

Condensate Pump Repair In NYC

Today we at NY Pump & Motor Repair would like to discuss the importance of condensate pump repair in NYC.

The condensate pump is a vital piece of your HVAC. As it cools, your HVAC produces buildup. The system relies on gravity and a 3/4 inch to guide the water to the outside of the building.

Condensate pumps consist of three parts: the buoy, the supply and the pump. All the parts work together to reduce and eliminate the build up. As the build up level rises in the supply, it lifts the buoy which activates the pump. As the build up is cleared, the buoy moves back down, deactivating the pump.

Some reasons you might experience problems in the condensate pump include:
Condensate Pump Repair In NYC

  • The evaporator/boiler pressure is too high. The condensate pump's job is to to deliver the condensation away from the pump. For this to work it needs the pressure to be higher than the pressure in the boiler. As a general guideline, the heater functions at around 50 psi or less. On the off chance the heater is over 50 psi, the pump should release at at the pressure of the boiler. This could be an extra 10 psi over the usual 50. 
  • The condensate is too high for the pump to work. As the steam is trapped, the pump should sizzle. In the event is too hot--close to 190 degree Fahrenheit, the pump may cavitate when it runs. Cavitation is what happens when the radial pump tries to pump water and the water flashed into vapor. This may sound like rocks traveling through the pumps.  When the water is in its vaporized form at a very high temperature it can actually eat away at the metal propellers and damage the pump. For repair, you'll need to have the damaged steam traps repaired or replaced by an expert. At NY Pump & Motor Repair  we have been making simple fixes as these and complex pump repairs since 1941. Call us today and we'll be right with you. 
Condensate pumps are dependable and an essential part to the entire pump system. As part of their routine upkeep they should be regularly maintained and repaired. If a condensate pump is left without a repairs water can flood inside the building and rack up water damage costs. As a preventative measure, simply have your pump cleaned and maintained by professionals like us.

To learn more about our condensate pump repair in NYC, please call us today at 718-768-8700. One of our pump experts will be happy to speak to you. 

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