Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sewage Ejector Pump Repair in NYC

For so many years, most families use a sewage ejector pump to ensure proper waste removal. Most homes prefer using them because of their functionality and durability. Homes with finished basements need a sewage ejector to help move waste out of the home. The sewage ejector is connected to plumbing pipes as a disposal system. Although it can last for years, it might have minor or major problems that require repairs, especially when remodeling your basement. For sewage ejector pump repair in NYC you can be sure to call us at NY Pump & Motor Repair.

Ejector pipes come in different sizes, types, and shapes. Most of them are complicated. The ejector is designed to pass small solid, which means solids are broken down before they are pumped out. Bigger solids may lead to the breakdown of your sewage ejector pump. Because of the differed types, shapes and sizes in the market, it is not advisable to repair your sewage ejector pump yourself. Using the services of a professional can help you lower the cost and avoid further damage to your ejector pump.

Usually, people assume their ejector pumps are fine even when they have discovered a minor problem. They wait until it completely fails, which can be a nightmare. Discovering sewage ejector mishaps at an early stage offer you the opportunity to seek professional help from us and avoid complete damage and new installation. These are the most common sewage ejector pump problems:
Sewage Ejector Pump Repair in NYC 

  • When the pump isn’t cycling
  • When it is cycling, but does not evacuate waste or pit properly
  • When the sewage ejector is evacuating, but no water is removed from the pit
When you notice this kind of mishaps with your pump, don’t do the repair yourself, call our professionals to help you with finding a lasting solution for your ejector pump.

What kind of maintenance is needed for a sewage ejector pump?
If your ejector is well maintained, it should operate without fail. Flushing items such as disposable wipes, feminine products and other materials that cannot be broken down into smaller pieces can damage your ejector pipe. Generally, these materials cannot be moved upwards under the force of the pump meaning they will put pressure on the pump leading to mishaps.

Maintained help last longer as it helps discover mishaps early and protect others form occurring. Depending on your ejector pump problems, the cost will vary from one problem to another and from one pump to another. If you have any problems with your ejector pump, call us and we will be glad to offer help.

To learn more about us at NY Pump or for more information about our sewage pump repair in NYC, please call us today at 718-768-8700. One of our pump repair experts will be happy to speak to you. 

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