Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Heating Pump Motor Services in NYC

A heat pump is one thing you might not notice until it stops working. You may not even realize such a part exists until it’s time for heating pump motor services in NYC. Don’t worry, we know all about heat pumps and how to bring the most out of their performance. No matter the condition of your current heat pump, we can get in there and bring it back to working speed. At NY Pump, we combine our over 60 years of experience, exceptional pump services, and professional service to bring you exceptional pump motor services in NYC when you need. Because this topic may not be familiar to many, we’ve compiled a breakdown of the heat pump system in your home to give you a better idea of what our team may service on site.

The first component of a heat pump is the compressor. The compressor is used to, as its name indicates, compress a low pressure gas and produce high pressure on the other end. This part is typically found on the outside of the heat pump system.

The condenser is also known as the condensing unit. This coil is inside the heat pump and acts as a middle man between the high temperature, high pressure gas inside the pump. Aside from the coil, the condenser is also comprised of a fan which is meant to cool this gas down. Heating pump motor services in NYC may be needed on either part of the condenser.

You may also need heating pump motor services in NYC on the metering device. A metering device is a thin piece of tubing that is meant to dispense the liquid refrigerant into the coil, where it will evaporate into usable gas. This evaporator coil shares its look with the radiator found in your car. It facilitates the evaporation of the liquid into gas. Another part of the heat pump system is the blower unit that blows air onto the evaporator coil. Remaining components of your heat pump system include a duct system which distributes the air flow and a reversing valve that reverses the cooling system to provide heat.

Your heat pump system is comprised of many parts. All of which may breakdown from wear and tear or some type of internal issue. If you are experiencing problems with any of the components discussed above, then our heating pump motor services in NYC are only a phone call away.

For more information about heating pump motor services in NYC, call NY Pump today at (718) 768-8700.

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